Transportation of a tunnel boring machine

TBM on a dual lane trailer
project location
Lower Mainland, British Columbia
project type
Heavy haulage & engineering
project year


  • Move a large tunnel boring machine from a storage location to a job site
  • Accommodate the project timeline to avoid setbacks in the construction schedule
  • Develop the most efficient transportation scheme to minimize transportation costs

Specific factors:

  • The TBM had to be moved through several municipalities in Lower Mainland, the most populated and the busiest region in British Columbia
  • The route crossed railroad tracks and several bridges
  • The access road to the site had significant longitudinal and transversal inclines

Accomplished tasks:

  • Determined the equipment setup needed for the moves and engineered drawings
  • Managed the complex process associated with the receipt of transport permits and received all necessary approvals in time. This included extensive coordination of communications between multiple stakeholders: Apex team, independent bridge engineers, Ministry of Transport engineers, municipal representatives from several cities in the Lower Mainland, cable and power authorities (BC Hydro, Telus, Shaw), CN Railway
  • Developed and reviewed several alternative options for the scope of work that required extraordinary solutions
  • Coordinated planned tasks and accommodated changes in the project schedule and work scope requested by the customer
  • After visiting job sites, determined possible risks and bottlenecks and produced mitigation plans
TBM crane loading
TBM at the job site
88 mt piece on a dual lane trailer
112 mt piece on a dual lane trailer
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